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What do the professionals think?

Alex Montpellier

Alex Montpellier sans logo.jpeg
Cadre citation.jpg

President of the Billiard club Parisien, I chose to equip it with the Delta Pool Rack triangle for its design, its ergonomics and above all because it  glue the beads well.

Photo credit Jean-Philippe Parmentier

Champion of France

Fabio Rizzi

Fabio Rizzi.jpg
Cadre citation.jpg

I was lucky enough to be able to try one. Indeed the rack is of quality with a design totally different from our habits. I recommend.

Photo credit Jean-Philippe Parmentier

European American billiard champion

Renaud Gouzien

Renaud gouzien'.jpg
Cadre citation.jpg

A great innovation. A very light triangle, very design which changes compared to the classic triangles. I recommend this pleasant product to use.


Club President

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